Time Pressure Liquid Dispensing Pump

Time Pressure Liquid Dispensing
Time Pressure with 10 cc Syringe.
Time pressure operation diagram
Operation Diagram.

Time pressure is a versatile method of dispensing that functions across a wide range of viscosities. This dispensing method works by applying pressure to the syringe. This pressure pulse is monitored by the system software and a pressure controller. With an appropriate fluid and nozzle configuration, very fine and repeatable dots and lines can be dispensed. Time pressure is useful with fluids that tend to cure rapidly or for applications that don't require the utmost in accuracy. The amount of pressure is determined by a relationship between the material being dispensed and the application flow rate. When dispensing is finished, an adjustable vacuum is applied to the syringe that prevents material from dripping. The vacuum is adjustable to avoid pulling air into the needle.

Syringe sizes from 5 cc to 30 cc may be used with the included syringe kit. An optional level detect is available. Cleanup using this method is very simple. Because material is dispensed directly from the syringe, the operator may dispose of it after it is empty. Additionally, the needles commonly used are a disposable Luer-Lok® type. An operator may change a syringe and needle and re-calibrate the system within a matter of two (2) minutes. Again, no cleaning is required as all wetted parts are disposable.

conductive adhesive dots
Structural and electrical conductive adhesives. Dots at 0.011" (0.27 mm).

The Liquid Dispense option prevents material drool when the pump is not actively dispensing by maintaining a proper level of vacuum to the syringe. Control of the vacuum applied to the Liquid Dispense option during times when the syringe is not dispensing becomes especially useful when using low viscosity materials.


Syringe Compatibility EFD or Semco: 5 cc, 10 cc, 30 cc
Dispense Tips GPD S Type Luer or other Luer nozzles
Viscosity Range 1 to 100,000+ cps. Consult GPD for details.
Pressure Range 1 to 80 psi
Minimum Pulse Time 0.030 s