Custom Dispense Augers

Standard clearance between the auger and cartridge wall is 0.0003" (7 micron). Tolerances are set very high to avoid spheres of solder or other particles from shearing between the auger and cartridge wall. When particles shear they become deformed and can either lead to clogging of the nozzle or can accumulate on the wall of the cartridge leading to binding. Additionally, excessive wear can occur shortening the life of the pump. However you look at it the results aren't good.

To overcome this issue we customize an auger to allow for fillers to float without being damaged. The customization process is typically used with solder pastes from type 5 or 6 and higher. After customization no binding or nozzle clogging will be evident.

Custom Dispense Auger
Micro-Dot Auger and Cartridge.
HyFlo Auger and Cartridge.
Auger before customization.
Auger after customization.
Dispense of paste with improper auger configuration. Notice the shiny specs and wavy line flakes.
Dispense of a solder paste with optimized auger.