HyFlo Pump - High Volume Dispense Pump

Applications that require fluids in high volumes or of a high viscosity require a diversion from the standard dispense pump. The HyFlo dispense pump is designed to push large volumes of mid-to-high viscosity and abrasive fluids at high flow rates.

High Volume Dispense Pump
High Volume Dam & Fill
High Volume Dam & Fill.
HyFlo Auger and Cartridge
HyFlo Auger and Cartridge.

The HyFlo pump is designed with a large diameter, aggressive, double helix auger made from carbide that stands up to abrasive fluids. Depending on volume requirements, varying depths of groove in the auger are available. The auger can be interchanged at any time. For applications with abrasive fillers, the auger can be customized to avoid binding, shearing, and wear. Customization consists of analyzing the filler size and applying an appropriate diameter reduction to accommodate the fillers.

The HyFlo pump is part of the GPD Encoder-controlled pumps. During the dispense process the pump is programmable in many different aspects including acceleration, deceleration, speed, and in the case of dots, the number of counts for the dispense. Having full control of the dispense allows the process to be sculpted around difficulties that some fluids may present.

The auger is rotated by a high RPM motor with an encoder for precise control. If the pump is dispensing a line or type of area fill, the pump is programmed via pump speed in encoder counts/second. In the event a dot is being dispensed, the number of counts are also defined.

HyFlo with Transmission
HyFlo with Transmission.
Standard HyFlo
Standard HyFlo.

For applications for which the fluid viscosity exceeds 100,000 cps, the high torque version is recommended. A gearbox increases torque and allows it to plow through the thickest of fluids without difficulty. The optional body heater helps reduce the viscosity of some fluids.

Fluid is fed to the auger cartridge by computer controlled air pressure. Automatic control is precise and supplies the correct amount of fluid to the cartridge without over or under pressurization. Fluid is delivered to the substrate by precision nozzles designed for maximum flow rate. At the entrance to the nozzle, a larger than normal diameter catches the fluid and delivers it through the length of the tube to the desired ID. This design greatly reduces pressure buildup and improves flow rate. Nozzle sizes start at 13G and are available for most common gauge sizes.

HyFlo Needles
HyFlo Needles.
Final Dispense Diameter only at tip
Final Dispense Diameter only at tip.

Cleaning the HyFlo pump is very easy. The auger and cartridge assembly are held in the pump by a thumb screw and simple lever. Once the auger and cartridge are removed and disassembled, both parts can be cleaned easily with conventional cleaning items or placed in an ultrasonic cleaner.