DS Series for Large PCB & Pallets

When Applications Require Large Board Processing / Versatility

The DS Series of dispensers is a robust, large format platform designed to handle all types of applications with ease. Ideal for dispense applications utilizing adhesive, solder paste, conductive adhesive, potting compounds, and more.

For the utmost in versatility and capability the DS Series is able to handle up to 3 different dispense pumps. The system is able to toggle between each of the pumps in a single program. DS Series systems are compatible with all GPD Global dispense pumps.

The DS Series is highlighted by its large work area, up to 24" x 24" (610 mm x 610 mm), the largest standard platform in the industry. Available in standalone or inline it can be configured to meet your production needs. Standalone systems are configured with a flat worktable and board crowders that hold the product to a registered location. For additional support, the worktable may have vacuum ports or support custom fixturing. Inline configurations include an Entrance, Work Area, and Exit zone. Each zone is configured with a board stop and product present sensors to track the product through the system.

Dispense Systems Equipment, Machines
Inline model
Stand-alone model

For applications requiring heat, the work table on standalone systems may be heated to 200° C. All three zones of a conveyor inline configuration may be heated via convection or conduction. Pumps may also have heat applied for fluid that perform better under an elevated temperature environment. Convection heating is very versatile and not subject to bottom-side board geometry.

Forced Air Work Area

Construction of the DS Series system is based on a welded steel frame that has been carefully manufactured for high accuracy manufacturing. During assembly the system is subjected to a number of alignments and setups to ensure the highest level of precision. After manufacturing the systems will undergo the contour mapping process for the final touches on positioning capability.

All DS Series models are well suited for multi-functional applications combining dispensing with light assembly / pick & place applications.

A host of options are available to expand the capability of your system.

2 Work Area Sizes

DS9000: 18" x 18"

The DS9000 model has a work area of 18" x 18" (457 mm x 457 mm), and is available in either an inline or stand-alone configuration.

DS9100: 24" x 24"

The DS9100 model has the largest standard work area in the industry of 24" x 24" (610 mm x 610 mm), and is available in either an inline or stand-alone configuration.

Inline Work Area
Standalone Work Area
Standalone Work Area - close up

Standard Features

  • Inline and Stand-alone Models
  • Inline model is SMEMA compatible
  • Up to 3 Pump Stations
  • Positioning Accuracy ± 0.0015" (± 0,0381 mm)
  • Repeatability ± 0.0006" (± 0,0152 mm)
  • Automatic Vision Alignment System (GPD Cyclops system) and Pattern Recognition Trainer
  • Red/Blue Illuminator
  • Needle Cleaner
  • Backlit Auto Calibration Station for automatic X,Y,Z needle calibration
  • Station 1 Taper-Lock Mounting Hardware
  • Easy Programming of dots, lines, fills, arcs, etc. through GPD Global FLOware Operating Software
  • TCP/IP Network Ready
  • Welded Steel Frame
  • Second Internal Hard Drive for Backups
  • Interior Lighting
  • Interlocked Safety Barriers for Operator Safety
  • X-Y-Z Brushless Servo Motors with Precision Ball Screws
  • Linear Speed up to 20 inches/second (508 mm/second)
  • 3-Color Status Light Tower - Red, Amber, Green
  • Pentium PC and Color, Flat Panel Monitor
  • Easy Access Electronics Drawer
  • Real-Time Editor while system is in production
  • Start Up & Leveling Kit
  • 1 USB copy of DS Series Documentation for Installation, Operation, and Maintenance
  • CE Declaration of Conformity
  • 115 VAC 60 Hz or 230 VAC 50 Hz

Add-On Options

  • Real Time Process Control (FPC)
    Maximizes pump dispense capability by constantly monitoring and adjusting the pressure of fluid entering the pump to maintain optimal pump operating conditions. Compensates for variations in flow from the fluid reservoir into the pump - from full to empty. Also instantaneously adjusts to maintain constant feed during dispense operations of dots, lines, and area fills. Real time adjustment picks up where weight scales leave off.
  • Process View Camera
    Displays the dispense process at the dispense tip on a separate monitor. Camera can look at all three tips.
  • Weight Scale for Process Calibration
    Calibrates a pump to a programmed weight.
  • Additional Needle Cleaners
    To avoid nozzle contamination for multi-materials / liquid processes.
  • Tandem Operation
    To increase throughput for products that are consistently spaced in an array or carrier. A tandem mount holds two pumps of the same type at an adjustable pitch and offset. Both pumps dispense at the same time during a process. For product with an odd number of units, a single pump can be turned on/off during the process.
Process View Camera (side view)
ClearVu™ Vision

Pump Compatibility


Pumps / Accessories

Paste, Glue, Adhesive.

Precision Auger Pump

High speed, low viscosity.

Jetting Pump (NCM5000)

No drip, volumetric repeatability.

Volumetric Pump (PCD)

Real time process control.

Fluid Pressure Control (FPC)