Selective Conformal Coating System - SimpleCoat

Cost-effective Solutions for Conformal Coating

SimpleCoat is ideal for selective conformal coating and dispensing applications that require a high level of accuracy and repeatability. It is an ideal solution for medium and low volume.

Our selective SimpleCoat conformal coating system is equipped with a robust, 3-axis motion platform which can be configured with two types of valves. Valve selection includes: spray and dispense valves.

SimpleCoat works with a laptop computer. Programming is easy and can be done either by manually teaching a program or by using a JPG image of a PCB. All parameters, such as valve parameters and motion parameters, can be easily altered. Various shapes, patterns, and areas can also be programmed.

SimpleCoat Selective Conformal Coating System
SimpleCoat Selective Conformal Coating System.
conformal coating system
Purge and Solvent Cups.

Standard Features

  • Inline Operation with SMEMA Communication
  • Spray and Needle Valve
  • Purge and Solvent Cups
  • Stainless Steel Surfaces
  • Exhaust Port with Sensor
  • Full-featured Programming, including Teach from .JPG
  • Light Tower
  • Cartridge Fluid Feeding
  • Internal Black Light for Coating Inspection
conformal coating system
conformal coating system

Configuration Option

Stand-alone Configuration - no conveyor

Add-On Options

  • Low Level Material Sensor - detects fluid level in reservoir
  • External Pail - large volume reservoir
  • Stand-alone Configuration - no conveyor

Valves Available



Conformal Coat

Spray Valve with 10 mm Conical Spray

Selective Coat

Needle Valve with Luer Tip Compatibility

SimpleCoat is a Complete Package

SimpleCoat uses a Pin Chain conveyor for product transport. This is a robust type of conveyor and holds up to solvents and chemicals used in conformal coating. Additionally, heavy pallets can be easily transported on the pin-chain conveyor. When a product enters the work area, it is positioned by a set of product stops, one on each rail. The conveyor turns off after a wide view board sensor senses a product is present.

Board Leaving Work Area - video.
Pin Chain Conveyor - video.

Many conformal coatings fluoresce when exposed to a blacklight. This fluorescence helps determine if a product is fully coated. The SimpleCoat platform includes an internal black light; this enables an operator to assess if coating is being properly applied from outside the system.

Black Light for UV Fluid Inspection.

The SimpleCoat drive system consists of a 3 axis robot driven by reliable stepper motors. With positioning repeatability of 50 µm, your coating results will be consistent from first product to last product. Maximum speed for the drive system is 300 mm per second which makes moving around the work area and between system features quick, minimizing non-coating time.

Stepper Motors.

Conformal coating generates toxic fumes that need to be removed from the working environment. Solvents used in conformal coating are heavier than air and settle in the bottom of the work area. An exhaust port with filter is located below our stainless steel work area cover. The filter captures any large particulates, which allows toxic fumes to be pulled through the exhaust port at the rear of the system. The fume filter is easily replaced by removing four fasteners. As a mandatory safety precaution, the exhaust port includes a flow sensor. If flow drops below a set point, the sensor prevents the coating system from operating.

Work Area Fume Extractor.
Work Area Filter.

Adjusting the system for the next product is quick and easy. Conveyor width is adjusted manually by loosening two locks and then sliding the rear conveyor rail into position. No other adjustments to board stops or sensors are required once the rail is positioned.

Manual Adjust Conveyor Width.

Adjustments are kept to a minimum with SimpleCoat. The front panel has an adjustment for spray pressure to control cone width and pattern. A lock is also provided to prevent operators from opening the front shield during processing, thus preventing fumes from escaping the dispense chamber while also preventing operators from exposure to a moving gantry.

Control Panel.